June 30, 2017

3 ingredient Dulce de leche Ice cream | Sorvete de Doce de leite | Dulce de leche Recipes

Raise hands those who dislikes Ice creams?? I can imagine!! no one is there.. A good meals never ends without a dessert..Is n`t it??!! If it is home made definitely must have some.Usually sundays I prefer to cook biryanis or meat dishes so after the hot n spicy lunch tempts to eat dessert some times..

So,before the sunday I prepares the dessert and keeps it in refrigerator,instead of spending time in kitchen on sunday..That`s a good idea right!! This was the recipe which I tried out one fine saturday with doce de leite which is famous in Brasil.Here people eat it directly mostly but I thought to try like this.It`s damn easy to prepare,no cooking,no eggs,no lots of ingredients at all..Try this yummy dessert and share your comments.

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CATEGORY-Ice cream | simple Desserts | No egg Ice Cream Recipes
Whipping cream -200 grams
Condensed milk-1/2 cup
Dulce de leche- 1 cup
Freeze whipping cream for 2 hours..Now in  a mixing bowl take frozen cream and suing hand beater beat for few minutes in high speed.Then add condensed milk and stir gently with spatula..Now add dulce de leche and beat again for 2 minutes in medium speed..Mixture should be in soft and semi thick consistency..Pour this air tight box and freeze 3 hours.Then remove and grind in mixy jar for a minute and pour in the same box..Freeze it over night or 8 hours at least.If you have time/patience repeat the step of grinding in mixy jar one more time.Scoop out and serve with your favorite toppings..I served with strawberry sauce topping..

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