June 29, 2017

Brasil Style Banana Cake | Bolo de Banana | Latin American Style Cakes Recipes

I have posted various banana using breads,cakes,cup cakes recipes already but did n`t shared this kind of recipe..This is one of the popular cake in Brasil mostly in Sao paulo state side people used to follow this kind of process for banana cake.. This banana cake is delicious,soft in texture with extra banana slices in the middle.
Process may new to you all but definitely must try recipe if you love bananas in baking or cakes..Use ripen bananas always in baking for best taste.Cinnamon powder is one of the common ingredient which Brasilians use cooking so sprinkling some powder on top of the cake is a good idea before serving because it gives a nice flavor to cake..

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CATEGORY- Baking | Cakes | Bolos | Receita de Bolo de Banana 
Bananas ripen-4
All purpose flour-2 cups
Sugar-1 cup
Oil- 4 table spoons
Milk-1 cup
vanilla essence-1 tea spoon (optional)
Baking powder-2 tea spoons
Pre heat oven at 180 degree C.take a cake tin or oven safe bowl,apply butter or oil and dust with flour..In a mixing bowl, mash two bananas with potato masher.Add vanilla essence,oil,sugar and mix until sugar combines. Now add eggs and stir well.Then add flour,baking powder and stir to mix every thing evenly..Now in baking tin/glass bowl pour of the batter..Arrange the remaining 2 banana slices like shown in below image.Then pour the left over cake batter on top of it..Bake this for 40 minutes or until done.Oven timing settings are different with each brand so keep an eye after 30 minutes. Checkout with tooth pick of sharp knife,if its done turn off and let it cool in room temperature..Slice and serve with milk.. 

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