June 21, 2017

Chocolate Popsickles Recipe | Easy Chocolate Popsicles With 4 Ingredients | How to make Chocolate Popsicles at Home

Ice creams and Popsickles are children favorites which they love to have any time at any cost. Even my 5 years old little son loves Ice creams so it`s tough to manage him some times..Last week he cried for popsickles few times so I thought to try home made for him which are much better than store bought..I have used simple yet easily available ingredients so it`s not a big deal to try this at home.
If you have a good quality of popsicle mould it`s quite easy to get a good shape of result which attracts your kids..With this positive result was happy even my both sons loved it...More than the store bought these kind of home mades are good for kids always..Try this and let me know how it came out for you.. 
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Boil and cool the milk - 1 cup (I used 3% fat cow milk)
15% fat Whipping cream - 1/2 cup
Nutty or Nutella cream-1/2 cup
Condensed milk-1/2 cup
First boil and cool the milk ..Then in mixy jar take milk,add whipping cream,Nutty or Nutella cream,condensed milk and run mixy for a minute until every thing combines well..Mixture should be in thick and running consistency but not in liquid state.Fill the moulds and freeze over night..In the next morning take it out and keep it under the running water for few seconds..Turn it from all sides to the popsickles easily.This steps also helps to get the perfect shape of popsickles..That`s it!!! 

You can use nutella as well but i used nutty cream which is bit similar to Nutella.
You can use Buffalo milk as well..
You can add finely chopped almonds or raisins if you like..
You can also add 1 tea spoon chocolate essence or syrup 
Whipping cream which I used is not too thick in consistency because of low fats..You can search in google about MOCOCA brand for more details..Depending on the fat consistency  and brands whipping creams are different so make sure before you starts the process.

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