July 5, 2017

Avocado Egg Sandwich | Sandwich Recipes For Breakfast | Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is an important meal in a day so, never should skip it..Usually I cook semiya and rava upmas and some times sandwiches..So,using avocado have tried different recipes and here is the another one which is simple to make yet tastes delicious..
Adding scrambled egg makes the sandwich more tasty so boil the eggs before a day to save the time.I have tried in three ways so you can choose what ever you like.Finally,all you need is a hot mug of coffee along with this sandwich 
Sandwich Recipes
CATEGORY-Sandwich | Wheat Bread Sandwich | Sandwich For Kids
Avocado -1 small fruit
Boiled Egg-1
Salt-to taste
Black pepper powder-1 tea spoon
White Bread slices -4
Butter -1 table spoons
Mash avocado in a mixing bowl, using potato masher.Using eg cutter chop boiled egg thcn cut cut into fine pieces. Add in egg, salt,black pepper powder and stir gently..Now on bread slice layer the avocado mixture and set another slice..you can serve this directly or with a dollop of butter fry in a pan in medium heat on both sides... Or,in bread toaster toast bread slices and arrange the avocado mixture and serve..Three options are nice to proceed and serve with hot coffee.

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