September 30, 2017

Gulab Jamun Trifle Recipe | Trifle Using Gulab jamun and Chocolate Cake | Desserts in 10 Minutes | Desserts In a Glass

This is a very old post which is in draft from so many days. It`s a dessert called trfile which is layered by chocolate cake and jamuns..Gulab jamun is an indian popular deep fried sweet ball dessert which is soaked in sugar syrup before serving..
So,usig few jamuns and left over cake crumbles assembled this in glass.This kind of one bowl or one glass desserts are easy to make and delicious too.
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CATEGORY-Desserts | Sweets | Desserts in Mug 
Jamun syup-1/2 cup
Chocolate cake crumbles- cup
whipped cream-1/3 cup (optional)
Any dry fruits (almonds or pistachios)-few
In a serving bowl or dish (cup) take jamun pieces.Add custard sauce on top.Now spread crumbled cake.
Then add some more custard evenly and again cake crumbles.
Pour whipped cream now and jamun crumbles..Now repeat the same process once again like before..Finally,garnish with chopped almonds.Refrigerate for some time and serve chilled.
NOTE: You can skip whipped cream if you don`t like/have.

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