September 22, 2017

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Pancakes are one of the popular breakfast in western countries even I like hot pancakes with cup of strong coffee in the starting of the day for refreshment and energy..Usually I use ripen bananas to make pancakes but this it is with strawberries.When we think about strawberry recipes first cheese cakes in our mind then some desserts,popsickles or Ice creams..
But have imagined about pancakes??!! If not here is the proof with full pictures and process. So,you should believe that we can also make fresh yet yummy pancakes by pouring little batter on hot butter which smells heavenly..Next time instead of regular recipes try this using fresh strawberries and let me know how it came for you.

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Un salted butter-2 table spoons
Vanilla essence-1/2 tea spoon
Yogurt/any fruit flavored or greek yogurt -1 cup
Sugar-2 table spoons
Wheat flour-1 cup
Baking powder-1/2 tea spoon
Baking soda-1/4 tea spoon
Salt-1/2 tea spoon
Strawberries-1 cup chopped
Butter-as needed for pan frying
To Serve -hot cup of coffee or milk
Take butter in a mixing bowl,usiing hand whisker or hand mixer beat it to make it soft or melt it in double boiler method. Then add vanilla essence,yogurt,sugar,egg and beat til every thing mix evenly.
Now add flour,baking powder,soda,salt and mix well with wet ingredients..
Now add finely chopped strawberries and stir gently.Heat a non stick pan adda tea spoon of butter,our 1/3 cup of batter ,cook for a minute in medium flame.Carefully,flip it to other side and cook for another 2 minutes.Now take it on a plate.Repeat the process with remaining batter.
Serve hot with cup of coffee or milk.Before serving if you like add some syrup and strawberry chunks on top of the pancakes.

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