November 21, 2017

Semiya Oatmeal Upma | Vermicelli Oats Upma Recipe | Upma Recipes | South Indian Breakfast Recipes

Indians are familiar to Upma which takes top place in breakfast..In that again Semiya upma is quite popular and favorite to kids specially.senyum Even some of you heard about Oatmeal upma too which is good and healthy too.celebrate So,coming to the today`s recipe it`s a upma recipe with two ingredients combination..Oatmeal are good for weight loss,high in protein..
So,I thought to blend it with vermicelli to make it more tasty tepuktangan..The combination worked out very well and tastes so good..menari It`s a must try recipe If you love these both main foods.Book mark the recipe and try it soon...Iam sure you`ll love this version.sengihnampakgigi

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semiya/vermicelli-1 cup
oatmeal-1 cup 
Water-2 cups (1/3 cup if needed)
 oil -2 table spoons
 cumin seeds-1 tea spoon
mustard seeds-1 tea spoon
urad dal-1 tea spoon
Cashew nuts-3
 onions-1 small
ginger garlic paste -1 tea spoon
carrot-1 small
potato-1 small (optional)
french beans-4
Green peas-1/2 cup (frozen)
sweet corn -1/2 cup (optional)
coriander leaves-1/3 cup finely chopped
mint leaves-1/3  cup finely chopped
Green chili -4-5
salt-to taste
turmeric powder-1/2 tea spoon
tepuktangan HOW TO COOK
Dry roast semiya in pan for 5 minutes in low flame.Or you can avoid this step.
Now heat a pan with oil,throw  urad dal,cumin seeds,mustard seeds,methi seeds and cashew nuts.Saute these for few seconds..
Then add chopped onions,ginger garlic paste and saute for 2 minutes in low flame.
Add chopped carrot,fench beans,green chili,green peas and mix well.Cook for 2 minutes in medium flame..
Now add salt,turmeric powder and stir gently.Add semiyaoat meal and stir gently.
Now add 2 cups of  hot water and mix well.Then add chopped coriander leaves,mint leaves and close with lid.
Cook this in lwo flame until water evaporates and semiya turns soft..Squeeze lemon juice if you like,gently give a stir and rest it for 15 minutes..
Serve hot with curd or pickle.

Step wise Pictures

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