March 29, 2018

Dulce de leche Popsicles Recipe | Doce de Leite Popsicles | Dulce de leche Recipes | Popsicles Recipes

I have been postponing to use a dulce de leche box which is lied in the fridge from a very long time. tepuktanganUsually, on weekends times, I prefer to make my sons favorite foods so, a few weeks back one fine hot day, while thinking about making some popsicles my elder one Mahadev gave an idea to make dulce de leche popsicles.  sengihnampakgigi
 So, he was the person behind this recipe and he liked this creation so much.menari Dulce de leche or Doce de Leite is very sweet in taste that`s why I have avoided sugar and used only 2 ingredients called cream and vanilla.celebrate Homemade is best and healthy always so try your kid's favorites at home like this and make them happysenyum

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CATEGORY- Desserts | Ice cream | Popsicles | Dulce de leche
Dulce de leche-1/2 cup
Whipping cream-200 grams
Vanilla essence-1 teaspoon
In a mixing bowl, whip cream using hand beater machine for a minute at low speed.
Add vanilla, Dulce de leche and beat for a minute at low speed. If the mixture looks too thick add 1/3 cup of fresh milk and stir gently.
Pour this into molds and freeze overnight.Keep this mold in a water bowl for 2-3 minutes before taking out.This step helps you to remove popsicles easily.

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