March 12, 2018

Spicy Rice Crackers with Green chili | Pappu Chekkalu with Green chili | Pappu Billalu | South Indian Festival Snacks | Deep fried Snacks

These are one of the famous south Indian deep fried snack called as chekkalu. usually on festival times, we prefer this snack along with sweets like boondi ladoo or maida biscuits.I have already posted a chekkalu recipe where I have used red chilies for spiciness but here I have used green chilies for spice taste and the result was simply good. tepuktangan

I have used store bought rice flour, if you like can use homemade rice flour too.Try this for next coming festivals and serve with a hot cup of chai/tea. menari
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CATEGORY- Deep frying | Festival Snacks | Chekkalu | Appalu
WHAT YOU NEED celebrate
Rice Flour - 2 cups
Fried Chanadal - 1/2 cup
Green Chilles - 5 to 6 
Oil - for deep fry
Sesame seeds - 1 tablespoon
Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon
Salt as per taste
HOW TO COOK senyum
In a mixing jar, take red chilies, salt, peanuts, sesame seeds, fried chana dal and grind into coarse powder.
Now in a mixing bowl take flour, add ground powder, red chili powder to taste and mix well.
In half of the flour mixture, add warm slowly and make a dough.Divide dough into lemon size balls.
{Here, I have used poori press to make this chekkalu but you can use thick polythene cover.}
Apply oil on a cover place this dough and press it gently with puri press.  Or cover with another cover and press gently with fingers, prepare all the chekkalu like this.
Heat oil in kadai, deep fry 2-3 crackers in medium flame on two sides carefully.Like this fry the remaining crackers and store in airtight container. You can store this for 10 days at room temperature.

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