April 22, 2018

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Can`t imagine our Indian festivals without snack and sweets. Murukku is an Indian popular snack which people prefers to make especially on Diwali, Gokulashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi times. Originally murukku means which is made with homemade rice flour roasted chana dal along with spices.
But later on came out many versions and this Butter Murukku is quite famous in those which we love to try. I have been waiting to make this murukku, finally got time now. I use store-bought rice flour but if possible you can use home-made rice flour. This murukku is simple to make yet tastes so good with the buttery flavour. Try this yummy murukku and share your comments.
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Rice flour-2 cups
Besan flour (chickpea flour)-1 cup
Salt-to taste
Cumin seeds-2-3 teaspoons
Unsalted butter-3 tablespoons
Vegetable (sunflower) Oil -for deep frying
1.In a mixing bowl take rice flour, add besan flour, salt, cumin seeds, butter and mix well with fingers.
Add water little by little and make it like a soft dough.
2. Now take murukku press, place your favourite plate, I used circled shaped plate (achu) or star achu also looks good to make butter murukku.
3.Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying. Take a good amount of dough, put it in murukku press.
Check the oil is hot or not by throwing a small dough ball, if the oil is enough hot, keep it over medium heat and directly press the murukku clockwise into the hot oil.
Press out 3-4 murukkus at a time and fry evenly on both sides in medium heat. take out them on a kitchen towel to remove excess oil and repeat the same process until dough finish.
You can store this murukku in an airtight container box for 10-15 days.
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