April 11, 2018

Watermelon Banana Juice | Summer Juice Recipes | Juices for Weightloss | Summer Drinks

Watermelon is quite good to loss weight because it contains 92% of water. Also it is a healthy fruit which helps in cleaning kidneys, constipation, muscle soreness and heart diseases. It contains Vitamin-A ,Vitamin-C and Zero Fat. So,its a very good option to choose this fruit if you are planning to weightloss easily.
I have added two more fruits like banana and cantaloupe along with watermelon and created this delicious juice. Even cantaloupe fruit also helps in cancer prevention, prevents diabetes and helps to improve immune system. In summer days, this chilled juice refreshes you definitely.
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CATEGORY- Juices | Drinks | Fruits | Healthy | Summer Drinks Recipes
Watermelon -1 glass juice (2 cups)
Banana -1 (I used frozen)
Cantaloupe pieces-1-2 cups
Sugar or Honey-1 tablespoon
Salt and Black Pepper powder-1/4+1/4 teaspoon


Chop and grind watermelon pieces into juice then strain the juice.
Now in juice mixer take banana pieces, cantaloupe pieces, watermelon juice, salt and pepper powder and run mixy jar for a minute in low speed.
Pour in glasses, add ice cubes (optional) and serve.

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