May 10, 2018

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Popsicles are one of the finest ice cream variety which can make at home easily with simple ingredients. My little son is crazy about ice creams and he enjoys 24*7.😏  White is his favourite colour, even in the ice creams, he prefers vanilla and white chocolate folded flavours.😝
These are the popsicles which I have tried recently especially for him in white colour by using basic dairy products like cream, condensed milk and cow milk. Blend for every minute after adding each ingredient for a smooth and creamy texture. Try to use almond essence if possible for a nice flavour. Also, use full-fat cream milk for a rich taste. Overall,  both of my little boys liked these, try this recipe at home if your kids also love icecreams/popsicles.
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Whipped cream (creme de leite)- 200 grams
Condensed milk- 1 cup 200-250 grams
Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoon
3% fat milk- 400 ml
Cornflour-10 grams (optional)
In a mixing bowl, take cream and whip for 2-3 minutes at high speed using hand beater.
Add condensed milk and beat for a minute again. add milk and beat with hand mixer for a minute then add vanilla essence and stir finally.
You can add cornflour at this time, it gives thickness to the mixture but I skipped it.
Now pour this into popsicles moulds and freeze for overnight.
Keep mould in cold water for a minute and gently take it out and serve chilled popsicles.
step by step pictures

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