May 28, 2018

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Home-made ice creams are best yet tasty which can have without any guilt. More than the elder's children tempts for ice creams so it`s difficult to control them. So, sometimes it`s good to try homemade versions to enjoy guiltfree ice creams. I have already shared a few mango ice cream recipes on the blog but this time it`s little different from the previous recipes. Along with mango added yoghurt as the key ingredient and the ice cream came out so delicious.

Instead of ice cream maker, you can use a hand mixer or beater or mixy jar. For soft and smooth texture, after freezing for 3hours blend once again. Repeat this step for 2 times if possible. If available add mango essence, mango flavoured yoghurt. Overall, it`s a good choice to enjoy yummy ice cream in this mango/summer season.
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CATEGORY- ice cream | mango | eggless ice cream | home-made | yoghurt
whipping cream-200 grams
condensed milk -300 grams
vanilla essence-1 teaspoon
mango pulp-2 cups- fresh 
plain yoghurt-200 grams

Take whipping cream in a mixing bowl, using hand beater whip for 2 minutes at low speed. Add condensed milk and mix well.
Add vanilla essence and stir gently. Now add yoghurt and beat for a minute again.
Now add fresh mango pulp and beat for 2 minutes. Now pour this into a box and freeze overnight.
If possible beat again 2 times for every 2-3 hours but it`s an optional step only. Later scoop it and serve.

 step by step pictures
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