August 22, 2018

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This August 4th our younger son Mahadhip stepped into the 7th year so, on his request, I did this 7 number cake for him. Number cakes are my favourite, especially for my sons birthdays I love to try them a lot.­čśť In the previous years, I used to bake the homemade cake first then giving a number shape and finally used to do the frosting.
But it was a lengthy process and used to feel tired after finishing the whole work. This year I decided to use store-bought mix instead of baking a cake at home and my son asked me for a white cake. So, for this birthday cake, I have used 2 vanilla cake mix packets and store-bought Chantilly mix for frosting which saved my time. Those who love to do birthday cakes at home or those who are beginners in baking can try this version to make the process easy. 
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*Vanilla cake mix -2 packets
Each cake mix suggested for 3 eggs+ 1 cup milk and 40 grams of butter
*Rectangular shaped cake tin
* Thick A4 size paper (pencil and eraser to draw 7 number)
*confectionery Color sprinkles to decorate the cake (I used blue+white colours)
*confectionery Alphabet letters
* Piping bags and nozzles
* Rectangle shape cake board
* Sharp kitchen knife
1. I used a store-bought cake mix to make this cake. So, by following cake mix instructions prepared the batter then baked for 30-35 minutes at 200-degree centigrade.
2. I used 2 cake mix packets and a rectangular shaped cake tin.
3. (Personally I felt) for birthday cakes, It`s better to go with a branded store-bought cake mix packets which are good in taste to save the time.
4. Because baking a homemade cake and again decorating the cake takes lots of time. In the previous years, I baked a cake at home then went for decorating which took huge time for me and was tired while celebrating­čśĆ.
5. So, when you are the only person who is doing all of these without any help, I suggest to follow this simple tips to save time and energy.
6. Also, this time I used storebought white chantilly mix to decorate the cake instead of homemade buttercream.
7. Using sugar syrup makes the cake soft, juicy and gives a nice sweet taste.
8. Use parchment paper before pouring the cake batter and apply butter evenly on it. It helps out to remove the cake easily
9. Chantilly mix is very soft, liquidy in texture so keep it in the freezer for 4-6 hours before using.
10. After decorating refrigerate the cake for 1 hour to make the Chantilly firm or keep it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes, because it gives a mild solid structure to the cake.
After baking the cake, let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.
Boil 1/2 cup sugar with 1/4 cup water for until you get nice syrup.
Take a thick white paper (which should be the same size as the cake tin) Draw number 7 and cut it carefully.
Then using a sharp knife carefully cut it into two slices. (I always fails in this­čśĆ) 
(Later I felt/realized that it`s better to bake two cakes in two different pans then it`s easy to go with frosting­čśĽ)
Now take a rectangle shape cake board, place a cake slice. Now carefully place the number paper cut on top and using a sharp knife cut the cake carefully.
Now using a spoon pour the syrup carefully and keep this aside for 5-10 minutes. Then coat with Chantilly mix evenly and refrigerate the cake for 5-10 minutes.
Take another cake slice, same like before using number paper cutting cut the cake carefully in 7 number shape.
Now, put this other slice on top of the cake and pour sugar syrup. Rest this for 10 minutes in the fridge.
Meanwhile, Take a bowl, pour half of the Chantilly mix using hand beater beat for 10-12 minutes on high speed until it doubles the size.
Then apply Chantilly mix again layerwise (2-3 layers) evenly and refrigerate again for 10 minutes.
Now take a piping bag with your favourite nozzle, then start decorating the cake. If you a beginner be patient while decorating, don`t divert to other things, just concentrate on your frosting, carefully, slowly finish it.
Finally, after finishing the piping I used blue&white colours cake sprinkles to coat the cake in the borders. 
Luckily we have a confectionary shop which is near to my home, so this is the first time they brought alphabets shaped sprinkles which made me crazy to buy.
 So, using those created "Happy birthday Mahadhip" and placed the cake in the freezer for an hour.

Stepwise pictures

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