September 4, 2018

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Indian cuisine represents various spices and masalas. We can`t even imagine Indian dishes without the wonderful whole spices and flavoured masala powders. Whole garam masala ingredients take first place in dum biryani recipes and in non-vegetarian dishes. I like to use whole ingredients in cooking as it is instead of grinding them into a powder.
It`s easy to carry a big box like this by storing all masala ingredients which is easy to handle and saves the time while cooking. I used a big size box to keep the small masala dabbas like this so I can handle it anytime without searching for each one. Though it`s not a recipe, I thought to share this because of this idea at least few may follow the same way to save their valuable time and energy in the kitchen.

Generally, I use cinnamon sticks, cloves, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, dry red chilli, nutmeg, cardamom pods, bay leaf, star anise, kasoori methi, black cumin, javitri as whole garam masalas in my cooking, especially in biryanis and non-veg dishes likes mutton and chicken gravies. Apart of these also there are some more ingredients which comes under whole garam masala list and they are- black cardamom pods, saffron, rock flower which I don`t use also I can`t find those at my place.
  Let`s see about each ingredient briefly:
Cinnamon sticks- it has digestive and carminative stimulates salivation.
Cloves- improves digestion, reduces inflammation
Black peppercorns-increases circulation, digestive aid
Fennel seeds-cancer prevention, digestive aid and contains calcium
Dry red chilli-it increases the taste and palatability
Nutmeg-helps tp eliminate bad breath, provides relief from insomnia
Cardamom pods- it helps to cure stomach disorders and also helps to cardiovascular health
Bay leaf -it improves the health of hair follicles, aids in managing diabetes
Star anis-it helps to reduce cancer, cough, Flu, toothache and bad breath
Kasuri methi-increases milk prodcution in women and reduces blood sugar for diabetes 
Black cumin-it increases the appetite, helps to reduce asthma, jaundice
Javitri-regulates digestion, boosts blood circulation
Black cardamom pods- a good remedy for nausea,vomiting and improves blood circulation
Saffron- prevents cancer and treats depression

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