November 30, 2018

9 number birthday chocolate cake recipe | number 9 birthday cake | Mahadev`s 9 th birthday cake | how to bake 9th birthday cake

This year Mahadev celebrated the 9th birthday with his favourite chocolate cake which I have baked. Same like previous years, I have made 9 number birthday cake this time. This time I have used cake mix packets and store-bought chantilly boxes for cake frosting. Everything went so good in the cake making process except making the hole in the 9 number.
While frosting the cake and decorating with the chocolate balls felt like something is missing then after realizing about making the circle in the middle of the number 9 laughed lot😜. I have tried to post all the stepwise pictures so it may take a bit of time to post the full recipe so be patient till the full post publishes. Overall, the birthday went so good and memorable. 
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Store bought chocolate cake mix packets- 2-3 
Chanty mix-1 litre
Sugar - 1 cup (for syrup-2 cups of water)
Black thread to slice the cake or a sharp knife
Chocolate vermicelli- 1cup
Crunchy chocolate balls or malted chocolate balls- 2-3 cups
According to the cake, mix instructions bake the cake and rest in room temperature for an hour. Boil sugar with 2 cups of water for 15 minutes in medium flame and keep aside for later use.
Here I used 3 packets so, thought to use a big size tin. Depending on the cake mix packets number choose cake tin. Store-bought cake mix raises more in size when compares to home baked fresh cake. So, always try to use big size tins for a perfectly shaped cake.
When the cake cools, cut into two halves. Here I used thread to cut, but it`s better to cut using a cake knife.
Draw number 9 on A4 size paper. Put it on the cake and carefully cut the cake. 
For the centre hole using a cookie cutter cut out the top layer, then lower cake layer. Use a serrated knife to remove the inside cake crumbs.
Chocolate is my boy Mahadev`s favourite so I thought to use chocolate Chanty Mix this time. For Mahadhip birthday cake I used Vanilla Chanty mix, which was his favourite.
It`s better to freeze chanty mix for 4 hours before using or refrigerate for one day. The pack says for refrigerating but I kept in the freezer overnight, then beaten till frothy. 
Chanty mix quadruples in quantity after beating/whipping for 5-8 minutes in high speed. It`s better to use electric hand beater machine for perfect Chanty mix. 
Now, rectangular shaped cardboard cake plate, put some frosting as a base, place the cake layer, frost with chanty mix evenly, place another cake layer, set it properly.
Now, using serrated knives and cake spatula frost the cake carefully. After first layer frosting, refrigerate the cake for 20 minutes to set the cake.
Then start second layer frosting, refrigerate for some time again the final third layer frosting. Refrigerating each time after frosting helps to set the cake.
Take a piping bag with nozzles, fill the bag and start decorating the cake.  After piping, the cake looked dull so I used chocolate balls to decorate.
Also, used chocolate vermicelli, which is Mahadev's favourite. Then used coloured letter sprinkles to write the name. 
Refrigerate cake for some time before celebrating. 

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