November 29, 2018

chilli chicken sandwich recipe | mayo chilli chicken sandwich recipe | chicken sandwich recipes for kids

The sandwich is one of my favourites which I love to have for breakfast so prefers to try innovative recipes always when I have huge time in the morning times. A hot sandwich with a hot mug of coffee is the best combination to start a day.
I have tried three sandwich recipes with boneless chicken on the same day and three recipes were completely different. In this recipe, as main ingredients used sauces and cheese slices. Overall, it`s a simple recipe which can make in minutes. Try this and share your comments.
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CATEGORY- sandwich | bread | sandwich for kids | chicken sandwich 


chicken boneless-100 grams
oil-2 tablespoons
red chilli sauce- 1 tablespoon
soya sauce-1 tablespoon
garlic sauce-1 teaspoon
salt- to taste
black pepper powder- 1 teaspoon
butter--2 tablespoons
bread slices- 4
Wash chicken, keep aside. Heat a non-stick pan add oil- when the oil is hot, add finely chopped chicken slices, fry for 2 minutes in low flame. 
Then add red chilli sauce, soya sauce, garlic sauce, salt, black pepper powder, mix well, cook for 8-10 minutes in low flame. Turn off and keep aside.
In another pan add butter, fry bread slices on two sides for a half minute and put the chicken stuff then cover with another bread slice.
Fry in the hot pan for a minute once again on two sides if you like or directly after stuffing serve hot .

 step by step pictures

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