January 17, 2019

Oven baked whole tandoori chicken | oven roasted whole chicken | baked tandoori chicken | Indian style whole masala roasted chicken

 Tandoori chicken takes first place in baking chicken dishes and this is one of our family favourites too. My sons like baked chicken either it`s a whole chicken or drumsticks. This recipe process is simple and tastes tasty when you serve and baking time is different for each oven.

January 15, 2019

kalajamun recipe with gulab jamun mix | kala jamun recipe with step by step pictures | how to make kala jamun recipe with gulabjmun instant mix packet | how to prepare kala jamun | Indian desserts

Being a foodie and sweet tooth I tend to try sweets every time. Though Kala Jamun is one the popular yet delicious sweet of India never imagined about trying at home. But when I found Gulab Jamun instant mix in the fridge which I brought from India got an idea of trying this Kala Jamun. 

January 13, 2019

spring onion raita recipe | spring onion curd raita recipe | raita recipes for biryani

Here is the simple raita recipe with spring onions. Spring onion is good in fried rice it is also good for weight loss and lowers the bad cholesterol. As a combination for biriyani, I prefer raita always so this time thought to try with spring onions.

January 11, 2019

creamy chicken sandwich recipe | chicken sandwich with cream | sandwich recipes for breakfast | chciken sandwich recipes

A sandwich is not only easy to make but also it makes the breakfast filling. Breakfast is one of the important parts of our daily life to stay healthy so try not to skip it. Here is the simple chicken sandwich recipe which is tasty and can prepare in minutes. 

January 9, 2019

moist chocolate cake recipe | simplechocolate cake recipe | bolo de chocolate fofinho | simple chocolate frosting recipe

We can see lots of varieties of chocolate cakes recipes with different ingredients and quantities. At the same time, there will be a difference in the cake texture, taste as per the ingredients quantities. This is one of the easiest yet delicious chocolate cake recipe which I have baked.

January 7, 2019

black urad dal cabbage vada recipe | whole black gram dal vada | cabbage split urad dal vada | split black gram dal recipes

Vada is the south Indian popular deep fried food which serves for breakfast. Using white urad dal makes this vada which I have already posted in my blog. At the same time, I have whole urad dal at home which I brought from India so, thought to try with black urad dal. In the evening time, I tried this vada so it was almost night while taking the pictures.
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