November 17, 2017

Mamidikaya Pulihora | Raw Mango Rice | Green Mango Rice Recipe | Green Mango Recipes | Rice Recipes For Lunch

In India generally Mango season starts in march last week which ends by june 1st week.But for us , I mean here in Foz do Iguazu it starts in September.menari  Like Neem trees in India,we have lots of Mango trees on road side even near to my apartment also we have few.Now,green mangoes are easily available in my place,which tempted me to try some thing.senyum

November 15, 2017

Bagara Rice | How to Cook Bagara Rice | Plain Pulao | Hyderabadi Recipes | Hyderabadi Cuisine

Bagara rice is a simple Hyderabadi rice recipe which can be prepared for functions or any festive occasions. sengihnampakgigi It is famous in our telangana region. My Mom used to cook this rice on sundays usually with a spicy mutton gravy as a side dish..menariIam closely related to this rice because this is the rice which is popular in our family get togethers.celebrate 

November 13, 2017

Broccoli Tomato Rasam | Broccoli Charu | Rasam Recipes | Broccoli Recipes | South Indian Rasam Varieties

Rasam is an spicy south Indian soup which made using ripen tomatoes basically..It is made without dal so loose in consistency and spicy because of green chilli.Usually I prepare tomato rasam which is already in blog..So,by following the same method tried this broccoli tomato rasam.

November 11, 2017

Number 6 Birthday Cake | How to make 6 Number Birthday Cake | Mahadhip 6th Birthday Cake | 6 Number Cake With Step by Step Pictures | Mahaslovelyhome 6th Birthday

With the title of the recipe you can understand that this is a special recipe in Mahaslovelyhome. On August 4th my little son Mahadhip completed 6 years and successfully stepped into 7th year..Usually we present a  gift along with birthday cake..But this year,I thought to celebrate it in different way.sengihnampakgigi So,one month before I started planning for both of my boys birtdhays.. This year isntead of one-two gifts,I bought many of his favorite toys,packed with gift papers,arranged all in a box and gifted it as a surprise.menari

November 7, 2017

Potato Egg Korma Recipe | Egg Aloo Khurma | Egg Korma with Coconut | Khurma Recipes For Chapathi | Side dishes for Chapathi

This is a simple egg korma with potato combination. It`s not an authentic style korma dish because on my own Idea I cooked this korma so process may sounds different for you. Actually this recipe is like an experiment which came out good. So,I thought to share it with you all.For gravy consistency  added tomato puree but you can add chopped tomato or can skip it..
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