March 23, 2017

Bell Pepper Pasta | Triple Color Capsicum Pasta Recipe | Fusilli Pasta Recipes | Dinner Ideas

Pasta is a comforting food for dinner or as a kids lunch box.This is a simple pasta with triple color bell peppers..It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare but a filling meals for family.Kids loves pasta so adding veggies like this is healthy and tasty too.

March 22, 2017

Dhaniya Chole Recipe | Dhaniya Chana Masala | Coriander Chickpea Masala Curry | Curries For Chapathi

Chickpeas are one my favorite which I love to cook in curry and gravy forms.I have already posted various chana gravy recipes which are perfect to serve along with rotis.Here is the another recipe which is joining in the chick pea list .This simple curry is full of coriander flavor because of fresh cilantro leaves.

March 21, 2017

Mysore Style Tomato Rice Recipe | How to Make Masala Tomato Rice | One Pot Meals | Kids Lunch Box Ideas | Rice Recipes For Lunch

Tomato rice is a simple and spicy rice which is perfect for lunch or lunch box..But mysore style is different because of fresh and aromatic ground masala.You can use left over rice to make this rice but I added freshly cooked steaming rice.So,can send it in lunch box along with curd..

March 20, 2017

Paneer Moong Sprouts Curry | Green Gram Sprouts Paneer Curry | Paneer Subji Recipes | Subzi Recipes For Rotis | Ricotta Cheese Recipes

Paneer curries or gravies are the best pair with chapathi or rotis always.But adding another veggies or different stuffs makes the dish tasty at the same time healthy too.This is the first time which I tried with paneer and sprouts combination.

Mango Mastani Recipe | How to Make Mango Mastani | Pune Special Mango Milkshake With Ice Cream | Indian Street food Recipes | Summer Special Recipes

Mango mastani is some thing like mango milk shake but thick in texture with full of dry fruits and nuts addition.It is a milk shake variety but a dessert type of recipe which is pune`s special..There is no much information about this recipe in google but as per the basic idea it is popular in mumbai streets where people adds different nuts as per their choice..

March 19, 2017

Mango Salsa Recipe | How To Make Mango Salsa | Mango Salad Recipes | Mango Salad Recipes | Easy Dinner Ideas | Weight Loss Recipes

This is the recipe which is in my mind from a long time to try..Mango salsa is a mixture of bell peppers with pepper and salt..It tastes sweet,spicy,tangy over all delicious bowl to serve.Use good kind of mango fruit to get good shaped pieces.
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