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May 22, 2015

Friday With a Friend Guest Post By Hema Vijai | Chocolate Truffles | Chocolate Date Balls | Chocolate Desserts | Chocolate Recipes For Kids

Once in a while in the blogging world we cross paths with a fellow blogger who shares many of the same passions as you, such as my friend Hema over at aromatic Today she is a guest blogger in MLH and sharing one of her healthy easy chocolate dessert recipes!I know hema from long time,but never got a chance till now to talk or chat.

May 21, 2015

Sorakaya Perugu Pachadi | Anapakaya Raita | Bottle Gourd In Spiced Yogurt | Easy Curd Raita Recipes For Chapathi | Sorakaya Recipes | Bottle gourd Recipes

Perugu/Yogurt/Curd Is my favorite food which I love to eat any time..Wondering??? But It`s true.. I am heart dying fan to home made fresh thick yogurt and mom  prefers to make at home always instead of buying it out side..Once upon a time,I used to eat rice only with curd and Amma`s mango pickle.Even still remember the days when I avoided lunhc or dinner because of absence of curd at home..Amma also always says it and often asks in phone whether good quality yogurt is available or not,here in my place..

Parsley Paratha | Parsley Roti | Easy Parsley Recipes | Easy Indian Paratha Recipes | Indian Flat Bread Recipes | Break Fast Ideas | Indian Dinner Ideas

Parsley Paratha or parsley roti is my very own creation which later added in my favorite rotis list too.I can`t take every day same plain rice in the lunch and same plain rotis for is very short which folded with lots of struggles,sorrows,happiness,responsibilities etc..Then,at least  for  freshen up can make some changes in daily food habits which may brings smiles..How many agree this??...

Persimmon Milkshake | Persimmon Dates Milkshake | Persimmon Recipes | Breakfast Milkshakes | Quick and Easy Milkshakes For Kids

Last few weeks back Hubby brought a small bag of persimmon fruits which are new to me..Immediately searched for recipes in web and then came to know that ,can try number of recipes like milkshakes, desserts,puddings with persimmon..Surprising...How I missed this beautiful fruit all these days..
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