November 17, 2018

strawberry cookie ice cream recipe | homemade strawberry cookie ice cream | strawberry desserts | homemade ice cream recipes

Here is the other strawberry ice cream which I have tried with cookies combination. I used mixie jar to make this ice cream and there is no egg in the ice cream. It`s not a big recipe to give an introduction but all I can say is homemade ice creams much better than storebought.

November 13, 2018

leftover chocolate cake coconut balls | leftover chocolate cake recipes | cake balls | choco coconut balls

Instead of baking a homemade cake at home sometimes I also go with store-bought chocolate cake packets which saves time and energy. Each packet gives the instructions in the backside of the packet. Depending on the brand cake taste may vary so always try to use the best packs. Coming to this recipe, I use Dona Benta (brand) which is good in taste with worth price. The cake stays good for 3-4 days but after a few days the taste changes which my sons won`t like.

November 12, 2018

palak corn curry | spinach sweet corn curry recipe | corn spinach masala | palak corn recipe | side dish for roti

A few days back I have posted a spinach egg curry recipe which is a perfect dish to serve with chapati. Same like that recipe I tried this by replacing eggs with sweet corn. I use canned sweet corn always but if you are using fresh corn better boil later use in the dish.

November 10, 2018

muslim mutton curry recipe | muslim style mutton curry | muslim style mutton curry in pressure cooker | muslim mutton recipes

Cooking new dishes every time gives a kind of happy feeling that too when the dish comes out delicious, it gives a happy satisfaction too.😅 Here is the new mutton dish which I have tried out recently. It`s called Muslim Mutton Curry which is popular in Muslim weddings.

November 9, 2018

mutton onion fry recipe | onion mutton masala | simple mutton fry | mutton fry curry | mutton dry fry | mutton dishes

Most of the time  I prefer to cook curries or gravies with mutton. But last few days back thought to try dry curries so this is in one of them. It`s the dish with the onion base and there are no other ingredients like tomatoes or coconut.
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