September 24, 2018

healthy banana oatmeal bread recipe | banana oat bread recipe | best banana bread recipe | banana bread with oats

Baking is one of my favourites which makes me happy and satisfying all the time. That too baking with bananas is like a big task to me because I have shared a huge number of banana folded recipes in the blog so trying a new recipe every time is like a challenge to me. Successfully, this time also going to share a very new recipe which is healthy, tasty and easy to bake. You can make cupcakes or muffins with the same recipe but personally, I feel baking in a bread loaf pan is much easier than the muffins tins.

September 23, 2018

sweet corn masala chat recipe | sweet corn chat masala | simple chat recipes | sweet corn recipes

Can we imagine Indian cuisine without spices? definitely not!! Either in main dishes, snacks or in street foods spices are must which makes the dishes wonderful. I have shared sweet corn butter cups recipe last week and this sharing another sweet corn recipe which is completely made in Indian style with lots of spices.

September 21, 2018

bread sheera | bread kesari | bread halwa | sweets with bread | sweets with leftover bread | stale bread recipes

White bread is the common item which I pick it up in grocery shopping and often makes sandwiches for my both sons. Last week, there were a few slices which remained in the fridge which made me to try something new. So, this is the simple sweet which I have tried out called Kesari. Rava Kesari or sheera is one of the famous sweet which we south Indians prefers to make it one puja times as nivedyam including my mom.😋

September 20, 2018

palakura pappu recipe | spinach dal | palak dal | south indian style palakoora pappu

The recipe called Dal doesn`t need any introduction which is quite famous for us. This is one of my mother recipe which she cooks often. On Mondays, I usually cook a complete vegetarian lunch and dal stands in the menu definitely. Though I cook this often couldn`t take pictures every time, so finally, last week without forgetting took stepwise pictures and sharing here in the blog.

September 19, 2018

banana chocolate chip pancakes recipe | wheat flour banana chocolate chip pancakes | pancakes recipes

Bananas are one best fruit which can turn into delicious recipes like cakes, puddings, pancakes or custards. I have shared lots of banana recipes till now and would love to share many more in future because of it` a never-ending love with Bananas to me. Pancakes are one of my favourite which I love to try during the breakfast.

September 17, 2018

aloo vankaya masala koora | brinjal potato curry recipe | aloo baingan ki subji | potato eggplant masala curry | easy side dishes for chapathi

Subji or Curry or Koora whatever it is, In our Indin cuisine this dish takes the main place in the daily menu which we serve with hot white rice or chapati mostly. This is one of the famous dishes In our Indian cuisine which we cook often. Though north Indian cooks this subji there is a slight difference with our south Indian style.
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