October 25, 2016

condensed milk chocolate cupcakes | chocolate Cupcakes without sugar | Chocolate cupcakes with Condensed milk | Condensed milk Recipes

Generally white or brown sugar is the ingredient which we use in bakery items,for sweetness.For a variation, here I replaced with condensed milk.Yes..These cup cakes are made without sugar but condensed milk gives the sweet taste same like sugar..I have posted already different kinds of cupcakes recipes but all are folded with sugar along with regular ingredients.

October 24, 2016

Sooji Coconut Halwa | Rava Kobbari Halwa | Rava Sheera | Halwa Recipes | South Indian Festival Sweets | Pooja Nivedyam Recipes

Rava Sheera or Rava halwa is a wonderful dessert that can be prepared in minutes. It does not require much advance preparation, and can prepare with very few ingredients For a variation I have included coconut along with Rava.. So,It`s a crunchy yet soft in taste sheera.

October 22, 2016

Black Magic Cupcakes | Coffee flavored Chocolate Cupcakes | Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes | Kids Favorite Cupcakes Recipes

Cupcakes are my kids favorite.But they loves only chocolate cupcakes.So,with different versions and ingredients I bake cakes and cupcakes for them twice or thrice in a month..These are purely chocolate flavored cupcakes with coffee addition..Coffee is my favorite any time,so this cute little cupcakes also my favorite of course!!

October 21, 2016

White Chicken Pulao | Safed Murgh Pulao | Easy Chicken Pulao Recipes | Murgh Pulao Recipes

Chicken biryani or pulao is certainly a delicious and aromatic meal. The meat is seasoned using spices after which mixed in with basmati rice which has been seasoned with lots of whole garam masala. It's not only a single pot meal, it is also the most aromatic and most delicious dish to please.
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