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April 17, 2015

Friday Guest post by Sundari Nathan | Fresh Watermelon Mint Juice | Summer Refreshing Drinks | Healthy Easy Indian Summer Drinks |

Iam back with another part in our Guest post friday Series! Today I would like to introduce you,Sundari nathan who blogs at My Magic She creates simple,tasty recipes and her recipes are perfect for families,even beginners also can follow easily in  this present busy lifestyle.

April 16, 2015

Pineapple Papaya Pepper Juice | Triple P Juice | Summer Juices | Refreshing Summer Drinks | Healthy Summer Juice Recipes | Fresh Fruit Drinks For Hot Summer




  1. Chopped pineapple-1 cup
  2. chopped papaya-1 cup
  3. black pepper juice-1/2 tsp
  4. salt-2 pinches
  5. cold water-1-1/2 cups (as needed to make liquid consistency) 
  6.  Ice cubes-few optional


Take all the ingredients in blender or mixer and blend for half minute into fine smooth paste/liquid.

Pour in serving glass and add 1-2 ice cubes,top it with a pinch of pepper powder.serve immediately.

April 15, 2015

Kalchina Vankaya Pachhi Pulusu | Smoked Brinjal Tamarind Stew | Roasted Eggplant Pulusu | Andhra Style Brinjal Tamarind Stew | Quick and Easy South Indain Popular Brinjal Recipes For Rice



very large purple brinjal -1
onion- 1 finely chopped
tamarind -small lemon sized 
green chillies-2-4 finely chopped
grated jaggery-1 tsp (i skipped)
 red chili powder-to taste (1/2 tsp) (optional)
water-1 cup
salt to taste
coriander leaves-finely chopped


dry red chillis-2-4
mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
split gram dal/urad dal/minappa pappu-1 tsp
asafoetida/hing/inguva -1/2 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
garlic flakes-2-3 crushed
curry leaves-few


Wash tamarind first and microwave for 2 minutes ..Squeeze juice and keep aside.Wash brinjal and Grease with oil. roast on stove by turning all sides.This helps to cook evenly.when it looks soft and smoky remove and wait until it comes to room temperature.then Peel the skin and mash the pulp using potato masher or fork..

Take mashed brinjal in a bowl.Pour in tamarind juice and enough water.Add in finely chopped onions,salt and mix well..

Now turn on heat and put a vessel,Add oil and throw all ingredients which mentioned under TO TEMPER.. Fry well and pour brinjal tamarind mixture and mix well.Add in red chili powder as per your taste and cook for 2 minutes in low flame.Just after one boil turn off and serve hot with white rice.


You can use white brinjal too.

Microwaving tamarind is optional..It`s like time saving.other wise you can squeeze juice first and start the process.

You can roast brinjal in oven also.Put it on a greased baking plate and roast for 20 minutes in 180 degree C.

I don`t have green chilies in hand,so,added chili powder,if you have chillies skip red chili powder.

If you don`t have problem can add ginger garlic paste instead of garlic cloves.

Don`t boil for lone time.Just 2 minutes is enough.

Roasting brinjal is very important to get the flavor/good taste in the dish.

April 14, 2015

Wheat flour Egg less Butter less Banana Chocolate Zebra Cake | Egg free Butter free Banana Cocoa Marble Cake | Gluten Banana Cocoa Cake Without Eggs | Quick and Easy Zebra Cake

These days Iam not baking often,but concentrated on our south indian telugu recipes..Yes...You all going to see an interesting,tasty recipes in upcoming days.So,don`t miss following MLH and please write down your comments,suggestions and requests in the below which are very encouraging..

April 13, 2015

Baby Corn Peas Masala | Creamy Baby Corn Frozen Peas Masala | Easy Baby Corn Gravies For Chapathi | Baby Corn Curries For Rice | Baby Corn Peas Masala Subzi For Rotis

Hi..friends How are you all?Hope every one enjoyed weekend happily by forgetting tensions and problems for a while..but for me,It was a hectic weekend for me with full of cold n headache.Today feeling much better and started week with full of hope.Coming to the recipe,This is an easy yet rich gravy of baby corn and peas..

April 11, 2015

Gluten free Quinoa Pancakes| Eggless Butterless Sugar less Quinoa Pancakes | Wheat flour Quinoa pancakes | Break fast Quinoa Pancakes

I have tried few quinoa recipes like quinoa upma,pulav and curd bath..So,this is an another recipe which I created with quinoa.These are gluten free pan cakes which goes well in break fast perfectly.Even,I was not confident about this pan cakes,but after looking out the result was amazed..

April 10, 2015

Friday With a Friend 18th Guest Post by Nusrath Jahan | Lamb Oats Haleem Mutton Oats Haleem | Ramzan Special Recipes | Hyderabadi Goat Meat Haleem | Quick and Easy Mutton Haleem With Oats |

Iam not a working to woman to say every time that Iam busy busy busy..But ,I love to keep my self occupied always instead of wasting time on gossips and unnecessary issues..I feel a mother is the most responsible person in the world even when compares with president of country..

April 9, 2015

Onion Mint Pakoda | Onion Pudina Pakodi | Onion Pudina Bajji | Easy Pakora Recipes | Spicy Indian Deep Fried Tea Time Snacks

I brought chick pea flour from indian last year.I tried  few popular recipes and then suddenly stopped using..Even I don`t know the reason about it..Already it crossed one year and started forming weevils..Upphhh!! this pantry beetles are one of the biggest problem in food packets.That too specially in indian food products you can see the formation of this irritating weevils very quickly.
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