January 17, 2017

Oats Upma | Oatmeal Masala Upma | Vegetable Oats Upma Recipe | Oats Recipes | Oatmeal Recipes

Oats are light in calories yet rich in  fibre which is perfect for health specially for those who prefers to weight loss. using oats can make various dishes like upma,pongal,laddu and mnay more.Coming to this recipe,it`s a simple upma with colourful veggies like carrots and peas, which add to the flavour and visual appeal of the dish.

Chicken Keema Stuffed Paratha | Stuffed Murgh Keema Paratha | Minced Chicken Recipes | Stuffed Paratha Recipes

Yesterday I posted chicken keema recipe and told that i tried few recipes with it.. So,like I said today posting the paratha recipe which is stuffed with chicken keema.If the chicken keema is ready in hands can make this parathas in minutes.So,cook keema in the morning and make parathas in the evening to save the time.

January 16, 2017

Mango Sheera | Mango Rava Halwa | Mango Sooji Kesari | Mango Recipes | Simple Mango Sweets

Sheera or kesari or halwa is nothing but semolina based sweet which is cooked with water,sugar,dry fruits and ghee..It`s a popular south indian sweet,usually in most of the temples which people serves like prasadam and at homes women prefers to make it as a nivedyam to lord in puja times.Amma often prepares rava kesari to offer as nivedyam in fetival times.So,based on rava kesari this sweet is created and named it as "mango sheera".

Chicken Keema Curry | Minced Chicken Masala | Spicy Murgh Keema Recipe | How to make Minced Chicken | Basics In Cooking

 Chicken keema is nothing but making chicken into fine pieces which looks mushy. Usually using meat machine prepares minced meat which we can see in super markets or meat shops..At home we can make it using meat hammer which is easily available in super markets..Apart of those two methods I make it with mixy grinder(Preethi Blue Leaf mixy grind) Using small jar I make mince meat always,I have already posted about it long time back.

January 14, 2017

Sweet Potato Oats Tikki | Chilagadadumpa Tikki Recipe | Sweet Potato Cutlet Recipe | Sweet Potato Snacks

Recently I have started using sweet potato in kitchen..Few days back posted sweet potato halwa+muruku recipe in blog and this is the another recipe which is pan fried snack.This tikkis are quite easy to make,just boil and mash the potatoes,add in all spices,some flours and fry them in medium oil.

How to Make Mango Pulp | How to Prepare Mango Puree | Basics | Mango Recipes

It`s a basic recipe about how to prepare mango pulp..Its sounds silly but actually I have seen many times question like,how to make mango pulp or how to prepare mango puree?? So,thought why should n`t I post about it.It`s summer here so mango season is running on and frequently getting natural fresh mangoes in markets.I have tried few desserts last week so thought better to share this first as a basic which may helps those who don`t have an idea on it..
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