January 5, 2012


Puddings are very easy to makepeluk..that too no baking is completely easy and simple.....menari...

PUDDINGS are the one of the tastiest dish for every one..especially for kids......puddings are different in preparing like some without cooking can do..but some have to bake...today i tried first time this BISCUIT PUDDING......so,plz my dear Friends wish me best to post more n more pudding recipes.........thank you so much 2 all...sengihnampakgigi..

I have some biscuits in my home..then i thought to try in this way......i added some pretty cool n colour ful yummy gems on my own...it gives a crunchy taste to the pudding..try it..kids will love this.......cium.

nestle biscuits(can use round shape too)-1pack
colour gems-1/2cup(must)
coffe powder-1tsp
cocoa powder-2tsps

in a safe glass bowl arrange like a bed with half of the biscuits one by one..
pour 1/2 of the milk on the biscuits..
mix the sugar,cocoa,coffee in the left over milk..
pour this 1/2glass of milk on top of the biscuits again......
now again put the left over biscuits on the top..
add in gems and press the biscuits little bit with a spoon.
keep it in the fridge for 30mins.
serve cold..

whole ings
arrange the biscuits in a bowl
pour 1/2glass of milk
add coffee n cocoa in the left over milk
pour the cocoa mixed milk on top of the biscuits
arrange the remaining biscuits
press lightly with a spoon
add gems(very colour ful na)
again press slowly with a spoon
keep it in the fridge
take it out after 30mins
serve it
menari Hmmmm!!!!yummypeluk..yummy...cium...

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