January 3, 2013


Baking is like fun.But baking cookies,cakes for health conscious persons is little bit tough part.DH  never prefers to eat sugar loaded stuffs...but I always pushes him to taste the food which I cook/bake....I usually prefers to bake cookies only for my H.

This is my second attempt of baking these cookies.The first time result was absolutely awesome.But I didn`t  measured the ingredients exactly on that day.But very hard i remembered and posting here .And even  not in mood to take cliks also on that day.I missed. This time i measured everything perfectly to post the recipe here.....Here Iam giving the 2 versions of cookies which I tried out....So,as per your choice can follow anyone..Ingredients 1 is actual present recipe.Ingredients -2 was the previous recipe....

RESULT-20 COOKIES (Approx/depend on size)

Ingredients -1                                                                   Ingredients-2
oats-1 1/2cup                                                                     oats-1 1.2cups
maida/APF-1/2cup                                                             maida/APF-1/4cup                                                                        
honey-3/4cup                                                                    honey-1/2cup
desicated coconut powder-1cup                                          desicated coconut powder-1cup
olive oil-1/4cup                                                                  olive oil-1/4cup(less2-3 tsps)
milk-1/4cup                                                                       milk-1/4cup(less 3tsps)
vanilla essence-1tsp                                                            vanilla essence-1/2tsp
baking powder-1/2tsp                                                          baking powder-1/2tsp
baking soda-1tsp                                                                 baking soda-1tsp


Pre heat oven to 180c.Line a parchment paper in  a baking pan...spread tsp of butter on top of the paper..

Mix flour,oats,coconut powder,soda and baking powder in  a bowl...

Add in oil,vanilla and mix once.Now carefully add the milk...Don`t pour the the whole milk at a time.use a spoon and if its forms like a dough  just stop adding more........

Mix every thing to form like a dough(It may not like dough.but should be hard little bit n stiff) and take 2tsps and roll like ball.change this on baking pan just press on top of the dough.

Do the same process with remaining......Bake for 30 minutes...

If done check out and off.......serve later with a cup of milk.

My notes 

Baking time is different n depends on oven.so,check out and don`t forget.

Add milk slowly and knead the dough in between.If it is good then stop adding...

If you add more milk cookies may not crunchy and will be too soft.

Shelf life is 20-25 days in room temp.....Ings-2 list is best in my opinion.....I felt really proud and satisfied with my own measurings n experiment.. ...

Don`t add less oil.you don`t get the perfect shape.will break the cookies after baked out too.....

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