January 15, 2013


egg less biscuits

It`s a long time wish to bake cookies using with cookie cutters for cute shapes..I bought few cookie cutters 2 years back and kept them safely in shelf .Every time I was lazy to use those cuties.But After decided to work on blog seriously almost as possible as  iam trying to do best in recipe making,taking pictures and the most important in presenting the post. .
I have a tutti frutti packed which laid down in my fridge from last month..Actually I thought to use it in a bread  loaf..But,Not in mood to bake any breads or cakes.;-(....So,i thought to use in cookies.The result is TUTTI FRUTTI COOKIES. .The mistake which i did is added more sugar.They are very sweet in taste..Oh....God...Again a mistake....YES.Almost every day in kitchen i makes silly,small mistakes which makes my DH to smile..HEHEHE.. . And my face changes like so hot n cruel..lol..No..Iam just  kidding..O,K....O.K..Enough stories.Lets bump into the recipe..

BAKING TIME-30-35 minutes
RESULT-i got approx 2 1/2 dozens


All purpose flour/maida -1 1/2 cup
butter-1/4 cup
milk-1/4 cup minus 2-3 tspns
tutti frutti-3/4 cup
sugar-1/2 cup
vanilla essence -1 tsp
baking powder-1 tsp
baking soda-1 tsp


Pre heat oven to 180c. Line a parchment paper in a baking pan..brush it with some butter or oil...keep aside.

Add flour,baking powder,soda in a bowl....Combine sugar,milk,butter,vanilla in other bowl.

Now mix the both dry n wet ings and give good mix.....Roll dough like a log and with sharp knife cut into slices....

Use cookie cutters of your choice and just press on dough slice and do this with the remaining dough..

Place the shaped dough balls in  pan and bake for 30 minutes...

Check out well and if done let them cool for some time....

Serve or gift those cuties to your beloved ones.......


Add less sugar.I mean according to your taste..Bcz mine tasted too sweet...Don`t do like me........Please....

Actually after making dough into log it`s better to keep in fridge.This gives the perfect shape..But i skipped this step.You can go with this in procedure..

I used maroon,green n blue colour tutti frutties....

Instead of making log just roll the dough like roti and give shape with cutters...This too works out...

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