October 3, 2013


It was  a draft post which is in sleep mode for a month...Almost every week I checking out the preview of this recipe and don`t know why I postponed all the time..Ya..This is the recipe which I tried for my friend who is called Vijetha..Her birthday was on august 28th and the same week I made this jamuns to wish her through my blog.But,some how missed up..OK..It was past...and better to talk about present...

The only friend of mine is vijetha here in Brasil..She invited few times to home when I was new to this place..After that we became a good friends,actually she is very friendly and also very talkitive person like me.so we both never  feels bore in spending time.She is also a very good  best cook and she cooks non vegetarian wonderfully.Even when I was new to cooking(here) I asked about day to day cooking recipes with lots of silly doubts and she explained very much with patience.Still Iam asking ;).She loves cooking and likes to experiment very much..not only in food,she also forced and created FB personal page for me.(she is the reason behind my FB addiction).I forced her very much to start a blog but she is not interested.Presently we both are in different cities and through FB we are in touch.She loves my kids very much and she respects friends too..When I asked about her favourite sweets she said gulab jamuns and kala jamuns and soon I  tried this jamuns.

Vijetha.Happy birthday wishes belatedly Dear

RECIPE SOURCE-Gayatrivantillu


Condensed milk-100 gms
home made paneer( I used ricotta cheese)-125 gms
maida/all purpose flour - 3 1/2 tbsp
baking powder-1/4 tsp
ghee-1/2 tbsp

oil-for deep fry


sugar-2 cups
water-1 1/2 cups


Mix water and sugar in a bowl and heat on..add cardamom powder and let it boil..Once sugar syrup is done keep the bowl  in rice cooker bowl and put it in warm mode..

Grind into fine which given above-from condensed milk to ghee.This should be sticky and loose.

Then keep the ground mix bowl in fridge for some time..after that remove out and start shaping balls.

Heat oil for deep fry..and fry balls 5-6 at a time and load pan with too many balls.

Keep flame in medium always and fry very carefully.Once done,change these fried jamuns into sugar syrup..

Your jamuns are ready..After 1-2 hours serve them for a best taste.


First time I poured extra/some more  condensed milk and turned paneer batter like syrup little bit..So,you should be careful while adding..

Refrigerating  for some times is easy to shape the balls..

If the mixture is too thicky add 1-2 tsps of maida..

Sugar which I used is not too sweet in taste.So used 2 full cups..

Using fresh home made paneer tastes best for this recipe.but I used ricotta cheese and came out well too.

Need lots of patience to fry the jamuns well..If the heat is high, jamuns may change the colour out side.but inside they will be raw..

Those kind of uncooked jamuns may not absorb the sugar syrup and over all your work will be flop.

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