August 22, 2016

Pudina Papdi | Papdi Namkeen | Maida Papdi | Triangle Maida Papdi | Mint Papdi | How to make Papdi

Papdi Namkeen is a tasty and crispy deep fried street snack which is popular in india. Basically,papdi prepared with refined flour along with spices by deep frying. Here I have used mint leaves so called it as mint papdi.. These are very crunchy and layered and making them is really easy with common ingredients which are available in every one`s kitchen.
This is the first time I prepared these papdis and came out very perfectly..You can make them for any festival or like a tea time snack . Another plus point is,These papdis have longer shelf life. So, here is the full recipe with step-by-step instructions with pictures..Enjoy the super papdis with some hot tea! For a combination i prepared sukkumalli kaapi..Will share in the next post.. :)

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 all purpose flour or wheat flour-1 cup

salt- to taste

cumin seeds -1 tea spoon

ajwain seeds or carom seeds -1 tea spoon

finely chopped mint leaves -2-3 table spoons

oil-for deep frying


Take flour,salt,cumin seeds,ajwain seeds,finely chopped mint leaves in a bowl...

Using water prepare into a soft dough..Rest it for 15 minutes,then divide the dough into small size balls.

Roll the dough ball  like roti and fold it like how shown in the below pictures.. Fold it into half keeping some space on the edges.Fold it again, diagonally and place the prepared papdi on plate. Repeat the process until all the dough balls finishes. Then, make holes with fork gently.

Mean while heat oil in kadai for deep frying..Now,place the prepared papdis in oil and fry both sides in medium hot..

Remove on tissue paper and serve hot with some chutney and coffee/tea..

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