August 26, 2016

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Quinoa is very rich in calcium, protein and a complex of carbohydrates.. Basically I love quinoa,often tries different recipes every time with it.This time,prepared sweet pongal using jaggery and chana dal which is a perfect dish for festival times..Usually using rice we makes pongal but I replaced it with quinoa and the idea worked out awesomely.This is quite easy to make and tastes very delicious.
It is a healthy and protein rich pongal with the combination of quinoa and dal. Prepare this yummy guiltfree Quinoa sweet pongal  recipe next time and enjoy.Already,I have shared some more quinoa recipes..Please check and try them if you like.

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quinoa- 1/2 cup

chana dal/senaga pappu-1/4 cup

water to cook quinoa- 1 1/2 cup of water

3% fat milk -1 cup (can use full cream milk or coconut milk)

jaggery - 3/4 -1 cup (as per your taste)

ghee-2-3 table spoons

cashew nuts,almonds,chironji and raisins -few


Wash quinoa 2-3 times also,wash dal for 2 times and soak 

them for 15-20 minutes..In vessel take 1 1/2 -2 cups of water 
and cook until quinoa+dal soft..

In a skillet or vessel add 2 table spoons ghee,fry the nuts and 

raisins take them in a bowl.. In the same skillet pour milk 

and let it boil..Add jaggery now and stir to dilute it.

Add in cooked quinoa+dal mixture,stir well. Cook for 5 

minutes in low flame,add in cardamom powder and fried 

nuts..mix well and turn off..

Serve hot with a table spoon of ghee.. or cold also tastes



I adds jaggery always directly.but you can melt it first,sieve it and use in the pongal.

Cook quinoa until soft in medium flame.

Soak quinoa for 15-30 minutes minimum.. 

You can take pesara pappu/moong dal instead of chana dal..

I used 3% fat milk.can use full cream milk or coconut milk which tastes great.

Use fresh cardamom powder.

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