July 8, 2017

Basundi Recipe | Sweets Using Milk | Milk Desserts | North Indian Sweets | 1300th Recipe

 This is the 1300 th post in Mahaslovelyhome..So,it`s a special post in MLH to celebrate this achievement with you all.As 1300th recipe would like to share a simple yet tasty sweet which is made with milk.Yes,it is called Basundi which is quite popular in North India specially in Gujarat state.Milk is the main ingredient in this,in fact it`s completely milk based sweet.
Along with milk you need some sugar for taste and of course dry fruits for rich taste..So,these are the simple ingredients you need but cooking process takes some time to finish..Using full fat milk is best for the best taste sweet and roasting dry fruits in ghee also may enhances the flavor but it`s an optional.Check out the full recipe and try it out...
What is the difference between Basundi and Rabri??

While browsing I got a doubt about this  Rabri and Basundi.. because both of the recipes are similar and it`s difficult to find out the minor differences..But with some researching on Google got an information so here it goes..

In Basundi process,no need to scrap the fat/malai  while cooking so can leave it as it is or can stir it in the milk until milk reduces to half. Basundi color color looks pink when you cook for some more time even after adding sugar..Then it is also looks thin in consistency.You can serve this directly or with  puri.

In Rabri/Rabdi is popular in Rajasthan state. In the process,while boiling milk,we`ll scrape down the excess of fat/malai which settles on sides of the vessel and cooks until milk reduce to half of the quantity.Because of this rabri is heavy dessert in fact high in calories too.It look thick in consistency and rich in taste..Usually rabri is serves with rasagullas or directly.
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Full fat Milk or 3 % fat milk - 1 litreSugar-1 cup or 2 cups of you sweet tooth
Dry fruits (cashews,almonds,raisins,chironji,pistachios)-few
Green Cardamom Powder-1 tea spoon
Heat milk in vessel,keep the flame in low and stir in between to avoid burning from bottom.
After 10 minutes add dry fruits and cardamom powder and stir gently.Cook for 5 minutes then add sugar.Mix well and cook for 10 minutes in low flame..Milk should reduce into half and thick in consistency..Then turn off and let it cool.If you like serve warm or refrigerate for some time and serve chilled.
Step wise pictures

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